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How Bounty event works - admin - 04-30-2019

Bounty Hunt is a series of maps where you can move around more freely than in the usual map. You chase a boss that has a bounty on its head. There is a timer and you can only stay in the map until the timer runs out. You get more time when using event heroes. You get a free key every two hours. If you want to enter more often than every two hours, you can buy an additional key for 50 diamonds. 

It can be confusing at first until you learn how to best move around the maps and where to look for chests, hour glasses that gives you more time, and the bosses. 

With Bounty, I go for chests first to get event runes. Unless the boss gives a huge amount of points, I don't bother trying to tackle him/her until I have a good event squad. Or, if I want to try, I do it as the last thing in the map so I don't waste revives but can just 'accept defeat'.

In Bounty I go to the edge of the map straight away and usually go the same way around to help memorize where the chests are and where the boss spawns. If I'm after points and have diamonds to spare for keys, I kill only the highest scoring mob plus the boss (if I can). If I'm not chasing points or am out of diamonds, I kill the two highest level mobs. If you have lots of diamonds, you can kill only the boss and keep buying new keys.

If you specifically want the boss, killing a mob will give you a compas with the direction of the boss.