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The evolution guide (slimes included)
"Do I need to worry about evolving a 2* hero with a 2* slime to get a perfect evolve?"
I have never heard of anyone doing that. You might be able to gain a few power levels but I would say you will never see any effect in terms of damage.

If others find otherwise, please comment :-)

"Also if I'm using a perfect slime on a 3* hero, does the perfect slime also need to be a 3* slime to gain the best stats for perfect evolve?"
No, it is in the nature of a Perfect Slime that it will make the best possible evolve as 1* at lvl 1 with the hero at lvl 1 as well. Just be sure to use it for your last evolve or you will have lost that benefit. The Perfect Slime ignores all other evolve steps so just head straight for that last step, all evolves at lvl 1, if you have a Perfect Slime.

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