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How Guild Assault works
Unlike Bounty and Portal, the Assault event is only found as guild event. The point of the event is for players in the guild to all help collect four different color keys. It takes a set of one key of each color to be able to open the Vault. In the Vault you find one single boss who is usually very hard to beat but gives a higher score.

The Vault can only be opened by an officer or the guild master. It stays open for 10 minutes only. This is unlike Portal events where each player can decide when to run. It requires a lot of coordination between officers and players to make sure the Vault can be opened as well as keys collected.  

Entering the event you will find yourself in an overview map with four possible routes, each its own colour. You must choose a colour and begin to run the progression of maps. 

Once you finish map 4, you have automatically picked up a key. You will not see this key, only as added in the overview of the main event map. Once you have finished map 4 and picked up the key, you cannot enter map 4 again until you have reset by facing the boss in the Vault. Until then you can keep running map 3 for points.

If you can't beat the boss and reset, you can still help your guild by repeating the maps for points.

You can choose a new path for free 12 hours after you started the previous one and get a new key. Before that, you can pay 700 diamonds to change path or face the boss in the Vault. 

Runes can be found in the crate at the end of either of the maps or behind the boss in the Vault. Runes are very rare! You will have to run it a lot to collect even 10 runes for a pull. The chances in the Vault are not any better. As always, the more you run the more you will find but the most runes are from the thresholds.

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