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How Portal event works
In the Portal event you have a series of three maps of growing difficulty but also growing score. You can run any of them. You run the maps to collect points (veilstones) and glyphs. There is also a Portal where the score is higher but you need to collect glyphs to earn a key for the Portal.

In some portal events gold boxes hold only veilstones and blue boxes can hold veilstones, glyphs for portal or runes. In other portal events, gold crates holds an event rune, blue crates glyphs. 

Glyphs are needed to get a key for the portal.

The Portal is a long map where the mobs give a higher veilstone count. You will want to wait as late as possible to run it to have the highest multi. One key gives you one run. 

In Guild Portal events, each player gets his own key that he can use to run the Portal once. The difficulty is about the same as map 2. 

The best map to run is map 3. The mobs give a lot more veilstones than the two lower maps and if the box after the boss has glyphs, there will be more than in map 1 or 2. You can choose between going straight for the boss or go down any of the three side paths. If you want to see what boxes are down the side paths before deciding which way to go you can click on Map.

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