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Adult $in
We are a friendly guild who always take one for the team no matter how unmotivating or rough things get. We are number one and will go above and beyond to assist you in every way possible. Got a Question about the game? No problem; you can ask any one of us and we will answer only if we know for a fact that we have the correct answer. All that we ask for is your efforts and participation in guild events.

Apply now! We have what it takes to bring you to the top.

Apply via LINE, id: hunnypot or Kliever
Hey guys, Can I join your Cool guild. Thanks
(03-18-2021, 05:09 PM)Snowcago Wrote: Hi hunnypot & kliever know me I was SnowMercy*Chicago when I first made it to Adult Sin. Bad luck 1st day on team I break my device then stopped playing for a year or two. When I came back lost my data now I'm Snowcago. You guys let me join again an remembered me wow. Did a few events scored well then app started getting worse with crashing an not loading still is a problem for me especially with bounty events runs so slow. Obviously need a better device. Till then I'm leader to my own team since I never know when my connection will be bad. I barely made points last event with u all an got removed month or so back I understand. Hard to get a message out on global chat. Hope I can join u all again someday.

Lol you have a new excuse every day don’t you?
LINE is banned in my country
there's no way I can join without line?
Hi guys.

Don't know if you'll remember me, CatsEyeDjinn, used to play for Adult $in a few years ago before moving over to AFK. Id like to rejoin, if I can?

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