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Schedule for November - Karin - 11-01-2022

Hi Honorbound!

This is what is lined up for November:

Thursday 3rd: 4 day Solo Bounty (Resource event)
Friday 11th: 4 day Guild Bounty (Collection, first event in HB Champ 17)
Thursday 17th: 4 day Solo Portal (A '9 years since beta' 3* mythic anniversary AURUM to all who participate)
Thursday 24th 4 day Guild Assault

 Friday Dec. 2nd: 4 day Solo Bounty (Resource event)

RE: Schedule for November - Snowcago - 11-02-2022

My bday on the 17th sweet *_* is Aurum the top prize that event? If not cough cough skeleton dragon aka Noz'myx the delusional Wink Wink I'd pay to have it in hero library ngl lol jus saying ?