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Schedule for May - Karin - 05-02-2020

Hi HonorBound!

This is what is lined up for May:

Friday 8th: 4 day Solo Portal (Resource event) 
Friday 15th: 4 day Guild Bounty
Friday 22nd: 4 day Solo Bounty (Resource event)  
Thursday 28th: 4 day Guild Assault

RE: Schedule for May - Karin - 05-13-2020

Revised schedule:

Friday 15th:  4 day Solo Portal (Resource event) - one of each prize heroes for all participants
Friday 22nd: 4 day Solo Bounty (Resource event) - double resources in threshold
Thursday 28th: 4 day Guild Assault - double runes in threshold

RE: Schedule for May - Craacmaster - 05-27-2020

Why in the game it says that the guild assault is in 3 days but in here it says tomorrow

RE: Schedule for May - Karin - 05-28-2020

When you wrote this, it was May 27th. Schedule says Assault starts on the 28th. So I don't see anything wrong.

Just found out the end-date for the news pop-up in the game for Assault was showing a wrong finish date. That has been fixed now.