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Prizes for 4 day Guild Assault! - Karin - 12-10-2020

Hi Honorbound!

Please meet:


The Queen of the Centaurs, abilities: Crusader's Chant, Infernal Slash, Furious Roar


Maulgrasp Privateer, abilities: Heartpiercer, Spirit Blade, Channel Mana


Spiderkin Mutant, abilities: Slice, Necrotic Cut, Mana Infusion
NOTE:  It won't evolve. Despite how it looks, it'll only go to 2*. That it looks like a 3* will be fixed.


The Darkrealm Werewolf, abilities: Blessed Defense 5, Poison Strike, Aegis Guard

There are mysterious prize boxes for top 6 (4/2/1).

Packs are 10% off in the web shop, https://store.honorboundgame.com