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Arena season 6.5 - Karin - 05-26-2021

Hi Honorbound!

Everyone's honor will be reset to 0 this Tuesday in preparation for season 7 and to kick off the Season 6.5 event.

Season 6.5 runs from the time of the honor reset till the end of the arena week on Monday June 28th. This will not affect the usual event schedule.

The leader board will be that of the Top Players under the Arena tab. There will be prizes for those in top 100 by the end of the four weeks with the following prize tier:

#1-10: Asric the Crusader-King (mythic commander), 500 dragon marks, 5x100% essence
#11-25: Asric the Crusader-King, 400 dragon marks, 1x100% essence
#26-50: The Baronet (mythic commander), 250 dragon marks, 5x10% essence
#51-75: 2000 emblems, 200 dragon marks
#76-100: 700 emblems, 100 dragon marks


Asric the Crusader-King, abilities: Heartpiercer, Abyss Ward, Lunar Ward


The Baronet, abilities: Heartpiercer, Flamespark, Channel Mana

RE: Arena season 6.5 - The Waiter - 05-27-2021

Awesome. Thank you for offer a great prize Big Grin

RE: Arena season 6.5 - Karin - 06-29-2021

The season is over, a leaderboard will be posted in due time and the prizes will be added manually by Support (so please don't burst something from impatience).

Arena season 7 is due to start on August 9!

RE: Arena season 6.5 - Stefmanguy - 06-29-2021

Will Hylocke be fixed? It’s been going on 2 months pretty soon.

RE: Arena season 6.5 - Karin - 06-29-2021

They had some technical problems, not directly related but why he isn't fixed yet. The newest heroes will be compiled next week and he is in that batch.