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Prizes for the 4 day Solo Bounty!
Hi Honorbound!

Here is a second chance to win:


A'san, Commander of the Storm, abilities: Brilliant Blow, Deep Slash, Prismatic Net


Garrothe Vampire Bane, abilities: Dark Shot, Despair of the Deep, Leeching Strikes


Old Shortail, abilities: Infernal Slash, Deep Slash, Mana Burst


Chosen Illusionist, abilities: Minor Heal, Resurrection, Channel Mana

Packs are 10% off in the web shop,
It is a mistake that Barra Drake is the secondary mythic for tier 4-10. It should be Old Shorttail like the other tiers. It is risky to change the event after it's started. Instead you can ask Support to change the Barra Drake to Old Shorttail if you place #4-10 and prefer that.

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