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Remove “stacking” from Burning Chant
(07-25-2020, 12:34 AM)Dad001 Wrote: Please see Thread Subject.

And why not increase the Library while you’re at it.


True Honor Guild

I agree with the Library part. Also what SlainGod mentioned about it. 

But for burning chant thing. Consider this: 
You have 9 bad things and 1 good thing out of 10. 
And you want that 1 thing to be removed/moderated. That wont make the other 9 good, it would make all 10 bad.

I am ok with adding 5 mana for burning chant, but first improve the other abilities, so that they are as good as burning chant. Make other abilities so good that people automatically shift to them. No one here is interested in using Arcane blast kind of abilities to keep fighting the opponent for 10 minutes.

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