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Need Support
I have recently sent a ticket to support. It was about 4 days ago when I sent the first one. No response. I sent another one two days ago and still no response. The ticket is regarding a failed purchase of a Bone Collector Pack. I recently have gotten active again and have made three purchases through the app store. I have had every one of them fail. Furthermore, the second one that I purchased, I received a response too late and was told that I could try to use the runes in another event or pack. I am worried that this will be the result again, and I am hoping that I can get my runes and diamonds as there is less then 24 hours left for the pack to be up.

There are other concerns that I have in regards to the earlier issue with the runes being used for another pack. The first of which is while I didn't get the runes, I was also not given any of the diamonds, essence refills, or ember refills. Furthermore, my concern is that when I do reply to the thread once again to ask for those runes back, I will get no response, or once again, get the response too late. Lastly, I am concerned that even if I do get a response and the runes, the other previously mentioned resources (diamonds, essence, embers) will not be included.

This all boils down to this question, what should I do? Should I open up yet another ticket? Leave things alone and pray for the best?

Just in case this helps my two ticket numbers are: #760528 and #208592. Both tickets have screenshots for proof of purchase. My account name is Hettar.
I am always happy to support this game as I truly love it, but this is making me really upset as I feel like my money is going nowhere.

Thanks for reading.

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