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A second tier of commanders for purchase with emblems
Were you not around for arena season 2 or 3 and envy those who were? 

If you have the emblems, you can now get two of the most popular commanders in Honorbound, Paracelsus the Equestrian and Maerlgorl the Vicious.

1) Cost: 25,000 commander emblems

2) How to claim:

- write to Support (preferably from Settings in the game, otherwise at [email protected])
- state which of the two commanders you want
- Support will remove 25,000 comm emblems from your account and add the commander.

3) All three commanders are on the list of commanders you can have removed,


Paracelsus the Equestrian, abilities: Smite, Invocation of Spirit, Mass Heal


Maerlgorl the Vicious, abilities: Mana Burst, Ice Comet, Major Regen


The Avenger, abilities: Siphon Life, Invocation of Terra, Haste

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A second tier of commanders for purchase with emblems - by Karin - 03-01-2021, 10:12 AM

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