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Upcoming change to ability 'Curse of Ancients'
Buffed curse of the ancients will be great for any abyss or dark themed heroes   Smile
I’d like to see an ICE type version of burning chant, inferno etc. which does frost damage over time and lowers enemy physical attack. There are already ice abilities which just hit the enemy once, adding a DoT effect, maybe half as powerful as fire, but lasting twice as long (lore friendly, makes sense), would allow the other main wizard attack type (ice) to rival fire damage instead of being eclipsed by it.
I’m bringing this up because it still bugs me that Queen of ‘frost’ has no ice abilities whatsoever, or ice basic attack even. Burning chant seems to have been misused here.

As it goes, fire damage should be a ‘savage burn’, frost damage should be a ‘slow burn’, if that makes sense.

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