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Game Guide

   Characters are essential part of the game. With a team made out of right and powerful characters all doors are opened for you. Two key aspects that determine whether a character is good or not are power level and abilities. Power level alongside class determines stats of character, but stats themselves can be misleading at low levels of character. And of course even the most powerful character will be useless if it doesn’t have good abilities.
   Characters can be divided into 3 categories:


   All the characters you get from campaign, bronze, silver, and elite runes, as well as those you summon for friend stones fit this category. They can be used only until you get at least 1 up-to-date character to keep progressing in campaign before that.


   Any character that you obtain as reward for event (excluding event mythics from thresholds of solo events), from pvp runes, for finishing rampage or friendship collection, or from elite runes during phasmer’s takeover goes into this category. They can destroy everything there is in campaign or events with only their sight. They are the ones that allow you to get decent results on arena and in raids, especially with right abilities.


   Spirits and shades, slimes, event characters can be used only in one own way. Spirits and shades give more exp when used as fortify material, slimes can be used to evolve any character of same affinity and rarity, and event characters give you multiplier in event so that you can score more.




   Place where you begin your journey whether you want it or not.
   All you need to do is just go forward collecting as many chests (preferably blue ones) as possible, while trying to avoid long forks. First of all, you do this to get all squad slots, which you want to get as soon as possible. Then there is gear that you will definitely need, raid seals (can be obtained only for defeating bosses), and boxes/spell tomes, which can contain various resources. It is far from the best xp source, but is available 24/7.
   Best map to get seals from is “Derrick the Silent”, last map of mission “Reign of Silence”, but it is only good for that and nothing else. You got for the first boss on the map, kill it, leave, and repeat.

In case you got seals for defeating the boss, you won’t see pop-up with gold, which can be seen in second video.
  For everything else, in my opining, “Awakening”, last map of mission “Cataclysm”, is the best choice. You can get some seals as well as exp and gear. You also can see the gear you can get in advance. The only downside is that you don’t know in which chest it is.

Gear preview can be done on most (or all) maps, but you need to know exact spot where gear is located.


   This is where you fight other players’ teams that are controlled by AI.
   After using energy, you have to pick one of the three teams, where left one is a lot weaker than yours, middle one is weaker or equal to yours, and right one will most likely destroy you. After passing certain level of team power, information mentioned in previous message won’t apply to you, and all teams will be more or less equal to each other.
   For winning on arena in early game, best strategy is to bring primal infusion and dots. Dots (Damage over time) are the abilities that apply certain effects that cause target to take damage at the end of their turn. Primal infusion will let you survive in most of the fights, while dots will take down your opponent’s team. One of the best dots for arena is burning chant, as it hits hard, affects everyone, and costs 0 mana.
   There are 4 reasons to play arena: weekly tournaments, arena seasons, in-between seasons, win streak rewards.

Arena Seasons

   During these, you gain rewards for reaching certain amount of honor (similar to event threshold rewards). It may look impossible to reach required amount of honor, but there’s one thing unique to these seasons – weekly bonus. When weekly tournament is finished, you gain huge honor bonus based on your placement in tournament (e.g. for placing 100th you will gain about 10 million honor), and on top of that, arena seasons usually last ~35 weeks.

In-between Seasons

   During these you get reward based on your overall placement during 4 weekly tournaments, without weekly bonuses mentioned previously. This is not for players that don’t have their storage filled with arena energy packs, lots of diamonds, or a bunch of commanders that can be leveled up.
Example of in-between season rewards:

Weekly Tournaments

   This one is permanent “event”. Every week, based on your placement in tournament, you can get rewards that are presented on picture below. Boxes can contain essence and ember refills as well as summoning emblems. Gold boxes also can contain special pvp runes that can give you some decent characters.


Win Streaks

   This one is also permanent “event”. By winning groups of 3 fights in a row you gain rewards listed below. They aren’t much, but you don’t need to do anything special to obtain them.
After 60 wins, rewards repeat.


   Bosses that are being killed by joint effort of all guild members. Raids can be started only by officers or leader, and requires seals for that.
   The goal is to deal as much damage as possible, while also trying not to die too early.
   For survivability you need raid gear and affinity ward of appropriate color (for Lunarendal better to use terra and primal gear), as well as healing. One of the best options is crusader’s chant, which heals not much, but it costs 0 mana, and it might be enough to survive. Primal infusion is best regenerative ability, which is great for raids, because it heals a lot and lasts 6 turns. Siphon life is best instant heal ability in the game, but it costs 15 mana, so its better to be used when you are low on hp. Having affinity invocation for your healer increases healing, with the only exception being siphon life.
   For damage, you want tons of dots that can be stacked together, or hard hitting physical abilities with physical defense debuffs. One of the example of dots is primal(for red)/brilliant(for green) blow, necrotic cut, deadly poison(lasts forever), entropy(last forever). Also its better to have affinity invocation for all your damage dealers, because it also boosts the damage they do. Raid gear also increases damage you deal.
At first you might deal very low damage or no damage at all, but even in such case, you get rewards. As raid reward you can get: dragon marks, essence, elite runes, morale bottles (restores morale, which is energy alternative for raids), arena energy packs, and gear boxes, which contain raid gear.
   Your first raid should look like this


   There are 5 different events in total: solo/guild portal, solo/guild bounty, guild assault. The main goal in any of these is to score as much as you can. The difference between solo and guild events is that in solo ones you participate as separate player and get rewards based only on your own result, while in guild events you participate as member of a guild and rewards are based on both guild and your personal result.
   First row are rewards for 8 first players in the guild, second row is for those who placed 9-30th, and third row is for the rest.
   For scoring more, you will have to use event characters, that can be summoned from event runes, which can be obtained from some event boxes and threshold rewards. Each event character has their own multiplier. Score that you get is multiplied by sum of multipliers of all your event characters that are used in the squad. The multipliers are:
x1.25, x1.5, x1.75, x2 for 1*-4* event epic.
x1.5, x2, x2.5, x3 for 1*-4* event legendary.
x4, x8 for 1*-2* event mythic.
On both solo portals and solo bounties one event mythic can be obtained from threshold reward.
   Some important things regarding event characters:
   They are useless after the event, with exception of event epics. Event epics can be used for multiplier in later events, but it may take months for them to be used again.
   For event characters’ bonus to work, you have to use them in events. They won’t do anything if you just leave them in your library.
   In all these events there are two ways to obtain rewards: threshold rewards and leaderboard. You obtain threshold rewards as soon as you collected certain amount of event points, while leaderboard rewards are based on your position at the end of event, and are given after the event ends.
   Any event can be resource or collection one. In terms of gameplay, resource event is completely the same as normal one. The only difference is that characters that you get as reward aren’t new ones made specifically for the event, but rather those that were in game for some time and got another chance to be obtained. Collection event, on the other hand, differs in gameplay. Event mythic can’t be obtained from runes, and to get one, you need to complete collection, which requires you to get all 4 event epics and 4 event legendaries from runes.
   Now to the specific events:


   This is the only event that doesn’t require energy, but has time limit. Once you run out of time, map ends. At the start of bounty you get a key to enter bounty map. After using the key, new one will appear in 2 hours. Bounty events are the best exp sources in the entire game.
   Once you enter the map, your goal is to defeat bounty boss, collect boxes and hourglasses that are located all around the map, and defeat other mobs. Everything on bounty maps is located in predetermined places. Mobs always stand in same places, box are always located in same places, but not all of them might be present, and boss stands in one of their locations. You will find out and remember all boxes and bosses locations once you play bounty enough. All boxes are the same and have high chance of containing small amount of event points, and low chance of containing event rune. Before you memorize everything, or in case you need to find boss as soon as possible, bounty has a way to help you. Every time you defeat a mob, you will get some kind of compass, that shows you the direction to the boss.
   Huge downside of bouties is that some bugs and bad internet connection may lead to time loss, which will negatively affect your performance in the event. Note that timer stops when you pick up boxes, during and after fights. Once box overlay disappears or you make first move after fight ended, timer starts again. You can leave game during bounty maps whenever you want and continue from where you left it, but the timer will be on when you enter the game.


   Consists of 4 maps. The goal here is to run one of the 3 available maps in order to get glyphs and event runes. With enough glyphs you gain access to 4th map (portal map) which has tons of event points, and often box with rune along the way. The strategy is to gather glyphs and runes, and in the end use all glyphs when your multiplier is as high as possible.
   Differences between solo and guild portals:
   In solo portals yellow boxes contain small amount of event points while blue boxes contain greater amount of solo points as well as glyphs and runes. Entering portal once costs 140 glyphs (one portal key).
   In guild portals yellow boxes contain runes, while blue boxes may contain event points and glyphs. Once guild gathers 5000 glyphs, every guild member gets one individual portal key. 
Note that multiplier doesn't affect amount of glyphs you obtain.


   The only event that has no solo variation. In assault your goal is to finish one of the 4 maps, completion will grant your guild a key. Once guild has at least 1 key of each color, guild leader or officer can open vault, which requires 5 energy to complete it, has only one enemy and one box behind it. Vault will be open only for 10 minutes, and can be used to score more event points or/and to reset the map you chose before. The only two other ways to reset mission is to pay diamonds or to wait 12 hours. There are only blue boxes. The ones before boss contain small amount of event points, while those behind bosses contain huge amount of points as we as runes.

Phasmer’s takeover

   This is not what you could call an actual event, but it deserves mentioning. It is held twice a year, in October and April, and lasts approximately 10 days. During Phasmer's takeover pool of characters that you can get from elite runes is "updated", and you can get modern characters and even commanders. Be sure to not use elite runes for old pool, because it doesn't disappear from shop, hence "updated".
   Simultaneously with Phasmer's takeover will be held regular solo event, but it contains elite runes in threshold rewards, so even if you didn't prepare elite runes for it, you still have a chance.

Mini Events

   Appear when main events (bounty, portal, assault) aren’t on. Each of these lasts 3 hours, and once one is over, next one instantly begins.

Ember Heist

   It’s not worth spending your time and energy on this one. Just don’t.

The Trial of the Gods (ToG)

   Second best source of exp in the game. Best way to use ToG is to go for first group of mobs on third map, defeat them, leave and repeat. The only reason to complete whole map is for red chests, that are unique for ToG, but they mostly contain gold, and very rarely you get elite runes from them.


   3 steps map that doesn’t require energy, with one enemy and one box. The main goal here is to complete rampage collection (in case you need the reward), and for that you need to capture rampage mobs. By capturing all of them, you can summon The Withered. Boxes behind rampage mobs contain some useful resources.
His power level is currently 500, and it may go up in the future, and in case you have old one, you can exchange it for new one via support. There is no limit to how many withereds you can get by completing collection, and for completion of collection you don’t need to keep captured characters in library.

Other things


   It quickly becomes obvious that commander is the weakest character and at the same time the most important one, because its death leads to your loss everywhere excluding arena. Answering question about what commander you should summon from researchers in advance - none. It’s better to save summoning emblems for treasure commanders, as they cost a lot, but they are worth their price. In the meantime, you can easily get better commander from arena by spending free energy, but it may take some time. If you need better commander and can’t wait, or season is about to over/hasn’t started, Ripper is the only legendary commander worth being summoned, and his mythic alternative is Guard-Commander Praxtis. Epic commanders can be summoned, as they don’t cost much and can be used as free energy source. Note that only certain commanders can be removed. Any commanders (excluding duplicates) that aren’t present on the list below can’t be removed in any way and will stay in your library forever.
Not recommended trophy commanders:

   Main and pretty much the only way to get summoning emblems is arena.


   Focus on commander, classes, mana, energy, gold and ember related researches as well as those that are required to progress in the story. Everything else can be done later.


   To evolve character, you need to combine them with their duplicate or slime of same affinity and rarity. There are two ways to evolve: “Dirty” and “Perfect”, which can be combined.
   Dirty one is cheap. Don’t level up character and evolution fodder.
   Perfect one requires you to level up both character and fodder to level 100 to get best stats.
   The difference between perfect and dirty evolutions isn’t huge, so don’t worry about making dirty evolutions. 
UPD: If using perfect slime for last evolution, result will always be perfect, levels of both slime and character don’t matter as well as evolutions at previous steps.
   Two important things to note. You can combine two 4* slimes, which will result in 1* slime of higher rarity. 2* mythic requires 2* duplicate or 1* slime to be evolved, you can’t combine 2* mythic with its 1* duplicate.

How to change name

   To change name you need to make and register new account with name that you want, and contact support from email that is used as login for your current account, asking for name change. Include names of your current and new accounts in email.

What to spend diamonds on

   Buy researchers and library slots (you should have at least 10-20 free slots for events), and once you are done with that, you can spend them on “Portal of Torment” gear pack, characters packs (not recommended), and vip.
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