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All Stars 2022!
One time only! Though the two new heroes, Wall of Fortitude and The Supervisor, will get their own pack.

Wall of Fortitude, NEW mythic
Eric Hawkeye, mythic
The Executioner, mythic
The Empress of Redfrost, mythic
Miguel the Forsworn, mythic
Toryn of the Burning Alter, mythic
The Lone Archer, mythic
Molten Golem, mythic
Evershade Guardian, mythic
The Vessel of the Serpent, mythic
The Night Terror, mythic
Icthyox Hell Spawner, mythic
Mag of Chaos, mythic

The Supervisor, NEW legendary
Spiderkin Grunt, legendary
Kram the Bold, legendary
Garrothe Vampire Bane, legendary
The Forgotten Slayer, legendary
Warglaive Huntress, legendary
The Pilgrim, legendary
Norrec Nightheart, legendary
The Masked Swordsman, legendary


Wall of Fortitude, abilities: Spirit Blade, Demoralizing Roar, Murderous Reputation


The Supervisor, abilities: Ice Comet, Parasitic Spores, Channel Mana

Packs are 10% off in the web shop,

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