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Updated The Withered and The Scarlet Grinner
The Withered and The Scarlet Grinner have been updated to power level 700 and have received a few changes to their abilities.

To claim the mythic The Withered, capture all the Rampage beasts, pick the pack in Shop that says RAMPAGE MYTHIC, not the old one. The price of 1mill diamonds means you are not supposed to pay to summon the beasts but to capture them. So tap exactly on the Collection bar to see how many beasts you are missing or to claim your prize. 

You can claim The Scarlet Grinner by adding friends (using their friend codes). You get +1 favor pr day for friends that didn't log in that day and +5 favor for friends that did. You need 400 favors to summon once from the favor collection. To claim the mythic prize once, you have to complete the collection of 10 heroes (you don't need to keep them in your library). You'll want this one that says MYTHIC GRINNER. Also note that while the icon is a rune, it is set up to use favor points.


The Withered, abilities: Blessed Defense 5, Heartpiercer, Channel Mana


The Scarlet Grinner, abilities: Deep Slash, Cleave, Demoralizing Cry
I asked before and nobody bothered to respond but I will ask again. Since these two have been remade, will we be able to claim their upgraded version if we ask the support to hand them out to us? I have collected 4 Scarlet Grinners for best, most efficient evolution and now you've remade him for wannabe reasons.

I honestly demand new 4 Grinners now and the materials I spent on evolution and leveling them up. Outrageous from your side not to get even an answer.
Please contact Support.

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