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The Great Pumpkin!
The Great Pumpkin, NEW mythic
Chipahua, mythic
Lady Batholry the Bored, mythic

Maulgrasp Wayfinder, NEW legendary
The Davenport Drifter, legendary
Fergus Sleekit, legendary
The Shearer, legendary
Yorik the Befuddled, legendary

Packs are 10% off in the web shop,


The Great Pumpkin, abilities: Inferno, Invocation of Terra, Primal Infusion


Maulgrasp Wayfinder, abilities: Healing defense 5, Primal Ward, Lunar Invocation
No, I'm afraid not.
? always the good ones u make us pay smh this could of easily been a Halloween event tisk tisk
Officer of Adult $in & Leader of Revenants 

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