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Schedule for December
Hi HonorBound!

This is what is lined up for December:

Friday 6th: 4 day Solo Bounty (Resource event)
Friday 13th: 4 day Guild Portal
Thursday 19th: 4 day Solo Portal
Friday 27th: 4 day Guild Bounty
Where is assault? Another bounty ?
The schedule over Christmas was discussed among the guild representatives as was the schedule for November where Assault was changed to Bounty as a result of a vote among the guild reps. The DragonBorn did vote for an energy based event but the vast majority of the representatives voted for Bounty as there are so many new players in the game who have a hard time participating if there are two consecutive energy based guild events. In theory, Assault could have replaced the Guild Portal in December but organising an Assault during the holiday month is a challenge for most guilds.
Why can't you just alternate bounty with portal events? Why do 2 identical events in a row?
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(12-05-2019, 02:29 AM)Kesa Wrote: Why can't you just alternate bounty with solo events? Why do 2 identical events in a row?

Did you mean 2 bounty event in a row? We should have Assault instead of bounty last guild event but most of Guild representation voted for Bounty event. Since last one is Guild event so next one is solo event. It's fine for me in my opinion, bounty is good way to collect resources - free energy
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