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Upgrade to abilities Demoralizing Cry and Roar
Its about time someone speaks up on behalf of burning chant. I absolutely hate the spell and this game needs to work on variety.
Ice comet and Mass heal?

I would rather have a hero that has Inferno and Steal Spirit for raids. Something for us that do not finish in the top 3 in events, but can use for higher level dragon raids.

I still play because of the mates in our guild. This has always been the greatest reason for turning the game on every day.
I was pretty clear on the use cases, though I will clarify:
"my main hero for running [DRAGON RAID] seals or leveling essence heroes [or slimes to 100], or as my early event hero"

Yep, Ice Comet and Mass other words: one shot AOE (if inferno is as good and cheap as Ice Comet or Frozen Venom then sure why not... my recollection was that it was expensive on mana?) and Group Heal (whether mass regen/primal infusion/mass heal), in a single toon. Ideally that would be in a commander ofc, so you could level 4 essence heroes, etc. at once, rather than 3 + AOE/HEAL. The heal is only for like certain map bosses early event (ie. while farming the first 10 runes).

Maelgorl can handle 4 essence heroes if you level her ofc, but mine I have at level 60 because she is a tank with high resists, can one shot most enemies with AOE, and has her single regen. Level 60 can't quite one shot all of the mobs in the dragon seal maps I run. (Level 60 because it is cheap an easy enough to upgrade event heroes at that level cap until you get a high multi...a single lvl 50 Essence Shade will get you to 60 basically).

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