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Mythic The Withered as Rampage Collection prize, Jan '18
Hi Honorbound!

After more than 4 years of faithful service, The Withered has been granted an extreme make-over and the Collection prize is now a mythic version of The Withered. The team decided to keep his name and story in honor of his iconic status, being one of the very first legendaries in the game.

The original plan was to reset the collection but that has not been possible at this time.

To claim the mythic The Withered, pick the pack in Shop that says RAMPAGE MYTHIC, not the old one. The price of 1mill diamonds means you are not supposed to pay to summon the beasts but to capture them. So tap exactly on the Collection bar to see how many beasts you are missing or to claim your prize. 

If you plan to catch enough beasts to make a 3* of him, please note the guidelines for how to evolve a 3* mythic,


The Withered, abilities: Blessed Defense, Furious Roar, Lance

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