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Prizes for Resource Solo Bounty
Hi Honorbound,

Don't forget there is double-up of the resources in the thresholds this event as well as a second chance to win:


The Haven Squire, abilities: Primal Blow, Instant Toxin, Mana Infusion


The Cursed Bishop, abilities: Cleave, Haste, Primal Infusion


Alshin Carver, abilities: Primal Blow, Pickpocket, Gambler's Ruse


The Petrified, abilities: Dual Shot, Primal Ward, Mana Infusion

Packs are 10% off in the web shop,
Can I see all the rewards for different ranks
Just look at the event popup under Leader Board. The prizes are tiers are over to the right there. You can scroll down to see them all.
Ohh thank you
Hey if we have left over portal runes how many of them will turn into elite runes?
A maximum of 3 event runes get converted to Elite runes.

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