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Schedule for August
Hi Honorbound!

This is what is lined up for August (and the very last part of July):

Thursday 30th: 4 day Solo Portal (Resource event) 
Friday 7th: 4 day Guild Portal (kicks off HB Champ 8)
Thursday 13th: 4 day Solo Bounty  (Resource event) 
Friday 21st: 4 day Guild Bounty 
Thursday 27th: 4 day Solo Portal

Arena season 5.5 wraps up on the 10th and we will be eagerly awaiting news about season 6. 
Keep in mind that the prizes for season 5.5 are added manually so patience is recommended. 

Ballow will be replaced as the hero to summon for Dragon Marks early September so if you want him for sentimental reasons, it's close to being the last chance. If not, save those Dragon Marks! 
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