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How to fix research problem
Now, I know this is the most amazing and awesome game ever made in the history of the land, but can someone let me know how in the world this can happen?

iPhone 12 by the way.

Bet a fix will happen in the next 7 years probably.

According to the devs, it is very challenging to change the resolution to march the newer Apple products without breaking the game. I know of players without access to a different device who have gotten help from Support to do the research.
So I have to contact them about every single thing I want to research? Even if it is just something simple as rapid ember gain (which I like to do 5x of every 15 minutes when I am low on embers)? Are you really kidding me?
The easiest way for you would be to use an older device to start the research. The best version would, of course, be to have it fixed but I can't help you there.

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