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Invasion,guild event issue
Hi there,so i had a problem and i dont know if its the correct topic its kinda a bug or something like that.Sorry for bothering u at 2 places at once i sent the thing on the forum but i cant find it for some reason so i will just write bugs,etc. here because i can see the ticket.So the problem is this,i joined a guild and played the assault guild event for like 1-2 days,all went well,then like yesterday or 2 days ago i cant seem to open the event screen via guild screen.When i do try to open it the page is just blank and non existant in the guild screen,when i try to go through the news shortcut ,,go to,, it just opens the world map and takes me to the god dungeon event.I play both on my Pc via bluestacks and on my phone(ShaoMi),any way to fix this?

Thanks in advance Smile.
It is not something I have heard of being an issue before. I did see it once in this event, restarted the game and it was fine. It seems to me it would be because of the connection being slow in loading the information that is displayed in the popup screen and not a problem in the game. You might try to delete and reinstall the game but most likely it is due to some glitch with your connection. If you can try a different router / wifi connection that would help you see if it is.
Hi there again,so i tried what u said and its not that,i noticed when the god dungeon event ended the problem resolved itself i dont know how but now like 3-4 hours before the guild event ends its just back to normal.
I believe it has to do with the side events going on too. Many times the screen went blank for me as well. Then the long side event Trial of Gods ends and it’s suddenly faster and no more blank screens.
Thank you both for the additional information. I will pass it on.

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