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Guild bounty event
Hi there again,i belive this is a bug so i posted it in this part of the forum.The problem is im getting the same bounty map for the past 7 games in a row,at the bounty event start it gave me 2 other maps but now im stuck on the same map over and over,the swamp looking map with the archer bounty,it isnt so rewarding,i cant get any good amount of sigils and i kiinda wanted to grind the whole map but i cant get any runes,after oprning like 5-6 boxes on the map i get like 1 rune per 2 bountys,any advice?
There are a couple of things players usually try.

- Restart the game while you are in the map, right after you won a fight.
- Logging into another device, closing the game while you are in the map, right after you won a fight.

I have also heard people letting the timer run out or finding that clearing the entire map helps them.

The number of runes is random. Some Bounty skins give more than others. There is no trick to finding more.
So i tested all 3 ways but neither one worked for me,i dont really know what to do
You can try to delete and reinstall the game. Preferably when you are in a map. It really should be a random thing but sometimes people do appear to be stuck. If any of the suggestions actually work is the question because sooner or later the maps do move on, also if you do nothing.
Welp i have exhausted all my options,but still no luck....
Im still stuck at the same map no matter what i do from yesterday and all day today i cant move from the same map,ive played it like 10-15times in a row till now i only saw 2 different event maps that i played once and that was yesterday the moment the event began but thats that i guess...
Aight so the problem resolved itself after like playing the same map a lot i guess it just changed,idk what the trigger was.Ty anyways.

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