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Arena Season 7!
Arena Season 7 kicks off on August 9th. This means that when that week finishes we will get honor bonus again, working towards the ranking prizes for season 7.

Arena Season 7 finishes when arena week finishes on April 11th. At that time, honor and ranks will be reset in preparation for season 8.

You receive a weekly honor bonus based on your result for that week. There is a limit to how many ranks you can move up pr week. As you move up in rank, you will earn emblems, gear, heroes and commanders.

Vengeful GladiatorEmpress Fela-Alshin340 M
High WarlordThe Abomination240 M
WarlordSean the Sharpshooter169 M
Veteran CommanderRing of Mana118 M
CommanderFellmire Elf Healer82 M
Veteran CenturionDevil Dog62 M
CenturionCommander Summoning Emblem x100051 M
Veteran LegionnaireOromei the Unfaltering41 M
LegionnaireRing of Mana32 M
Veteran GuardLegendary Trinket of the Beast25 M
Guard100% essence x 220 M
Veteran GruntCommander Summoning Emblem x30015 M
GruntNecklace of Haste10 M
BrawlerDragon Marks x 1005 M
ScrapperCommander Summoning Emblem x2001 M

The first commander is a legendary commander. 

Screen shots of the new commanders and heroes are posted below.

The arena week finishes each Monday (see time in game) and the prizes are paid out on Tuesday.
1st10,000x Diamonds2x Gold Strongbox
2nd5,000 Diamonds2x Gold Strongbox
3rd3,000 Diamonds2x Gold Strongbox
4th-10th2,000 Diamonds2x Gold Strongbox
11th - 20th1,000 Diamonds1x Gold Strongbox, 2x Silver Strongbox
21st - 32nd1x Gold Strongbox2x Silver Strongbox
33rd - 100th2x Silver Strongbox1x Bronze Strongbox
101st - 500th1x Silver Strongbox2x Bronze Stronbox
501st - 1000th3x Bronze Strongbox
1001st - 2000th2x Bronze Strongbox
2001st - 3000th1x Bronze Strongbox

Ranking heroes:


Devil Dog, abilities: Ice Comet, Primal Ward, Mana Infusion


Fellmire Elf Healer, abilities: Minnor Heal, Empowering Chant, Primal Infusion


Sean the Sharpshooter, abilities: Frozen Venom, Channel Mana, Haste


The Abomination, abilities: Primal Blow, Burning Chant, Mana Burst 5

Ranking commanders:


Oromei the Unfaltering, abilities: Heartpiercer, Terra Ward, Demoralizing Cry


Empress Fela-Alshin, abilities: Minor Heal, Mass heal, Murderous Reputation

(Rumor has it that Murderous Reputation is one of the next passives in line for an update)
I have some criticisms about some of the ranking heroes, especially the commander.

Who wants mass heal and minor heal on a commander? Especially with such a low magic stat? At least give it Primal Infusion or something that can help with events (ice comet?) Why has the power level of commanders stagnated at levels 155 and 270, especially since we now have heroes approaching the 800 levels of power?

First hero would be good for a primal raid (2 Great abilities for a raid, Mana Infusion and Primal Ward) but then it has ICE COMET. What is that good for? Why not make it something good for a raid? Anything, I don’t know, maybe ENTROPY or something. It’s just a hero that will be donated.

The archer and the warrior with burning chant and mana burst are good though.
Any luck on Devil dog it's been about a week yes an still not able to us to summon???
Officer of Adult $in & Leader of Revenants 
It may be fixed within a couple of days. If not, Support will have to help.
Update on Devil Dog emblem:
Unfortunately it can't be fixed for those already earned. Contact Support to have Devel Dog added. If you already sent a ticket, it will now be processed.
It will be fixed going forward but not from tomorrow, hopefully the week after.
Devil Dog emblem update:
This cannot be fixed for those who have already earned it. To add the Devel Dog, please contact Support. Your ticket has now been processed.
The issue will be resolved, but not tomorrow, hopefully, the following week. 
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