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Prizes for 4 day Solo Bounty, Dec. '18
This solo event has a Collection! You will need to finish the Collection to claim the mythic hero. The epics are all found both in the storyline maps as well as from the event runes: Liashi Ogre Chieftain, Marsh Goblin Witch, Badlands Brute, Sug-Yugol High Priest.


Horned Darkrealm Orc, abilities: Necrotic Cut, Terra's Curse Chant, Channel Mana Power 421


Moroz the Dark, abilities: Minor Heal, Poison Bolt, Resurrection Power 353


Alshin Shooter, abilities: Dual Shot (5), Toxic Barrage, Haste Power 362


Ugg the Mute, abilities: Steal Spirit, Spirit Ward, Smashing Fist Power 299

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