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Miyoko the Blessed Pack!
Miyoko the Blessed, NEW mythic
Chosen Stinger, mythic
Lichwood Ally, mythic

Cuetzpallee, NEW legendary
Ballow's Shadow, legendary
Benzrii the Mischievous, legendary
Hilda the Merciful, legendary
Briarkith Kin, legendary

Packs are 10% off in the web shop,


Miyoko the Blessed, abilities: Noxious Cloud, Curse of Ancients, Mana Infusion


Cuetzpallee, abilities: Poison bolt, Mass Regen, Primal Invocation
Miyoko is now updates and the image shows the correct version.


The stats for Miyoko turns out to be off. Her physical attack is too high, her magical attack is too low and her magical defense is too low. It will be corrected, if possible. If not possible, it will be possible to exchange her for a version with the correct one with the help of Support.

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