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Prizes for the 4 day Solo Bounty!
Hi Honorbound!

Here is a second chance to win:


Lunadriel, abilities: Entropic Arrow, Channel Mana, Lunar Invocation


Hilda the Merciful, abilities: Minor Heal, Mana Infusion, Primal Infusion


Barra Drake, abilities: Primal Blow, Fire Strike, Channel Mana


The Mutt, abilities: Cleave, Flowing Cut, Channel Mana

Packs are 10% off in the web shop,
I love it haha thank u so much hope my skeleton dragon still comes in near future Wink
Former-Officer of Adult $in & Relentless. ( Leader of Revenants )
Hey there. I wanted to ask, is there any way we could know the rewards a bit earlier? As it stands, we usually get to know the rewards an hour before the event in game starts. Would not it be possible for us to know a day ahead? I do not think it is too much to ask for.

Also, as previously done by Snow for this event, could we maybe try and request a specific hero to be as a reward in this event? I for one would love to see another dragon, maybe the skeletal one this time, if possible. Or the one of Primal element.

Personally I would not mind seeing an Old Shortail or Godsworn Sharpshooter as a reward for 2* Mythic option and The Computers as a reward for legendary hero.

Thank you for your consideration. Regards,
It isn't possible to suggest specific prizes for specific events but general suggestions are passed on to the team. Thank you for your input.
I see, thanks for the explanation! Then could we also suggest another Phasmer event? Thank you!  Big Grin
Phasmer's Takeover happens in April and October.

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