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Bloodfrost Drake Pack!
Bloodfrost Drake, NEW mythic
Wall of Fortitude, mythic
The Soul Ravager, mythic

The Recluse Queen, NEW legendary
The Supervisor, legendary
Oromei the Questioning, legendary
Valiant Summoner, legendary
The Valet, legendary

Packs are 10% off in the web shop,


Bloodfrost Drake, abilities: Spirit Sword, Lunar Invocation, Infernal Slash


The Recluse Queen, abilities: Deadly Poison, Necrotic Cut, Mana Burst 5
Would it ever be possible to have the new blood frost drake as a solo or team event in the future???
Officer of Adult $in & Leader of Revenants 
I've noticed that the art from the packs is sometimes seen again as event prizes but it seems to take a very long time.

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