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New update in the play stores soon
New updates for all platforms will soon be out.

1) There have been some backend changes to the chat system and the chats will look empty at first until they start filling up with new posts. 

2) The missing link to logging in with FaceBook has been fixed.

3) Hopefully the XP issues for some ios players have been fixed. It is difficult to test as it can't be reproduced and only happened to a limited number of players. 

4) Speed of downloading content should be faster.

Two important things:

Once your update is available, please update as as soon as you can. After about a week you will no longer be able to play the game using the old version.

You can see the chat posts from the players who have the same version as you. So players with old version only see posts from other players with the old version so please update as as soon as you can.
The first ios update has been seen.
Hi, my iphone 6 start lagging and crashing on me while playing. I can't even play the game right now
The Waiter - Proud Officer of AscendedSaiyans  Big Grin
The devs are working on it.
Ok thank you. Hope they will able to fix it soon.
The Waiter - Proud Officer of AscendedSaiyans  Big Grin
The new ios version is running now. The android version was held back due to the issues with the ios but has been released now.

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